Plan a Uniquely Mizzou Event

As the campus hub for event reservation and management, we are here to guide your organization through Mizzou’s event-submission process and ensure you have a great experience. In addition to securing space and advising on program design, event managers are trained to also assist in the coordination of service providers. Let our team assist you throughout your entire reservation process here at Mizzou. We are able to help you:

EMS is our virtual request system; the EMS portal is where you will submit your event requests and schedule space at the University of Missouri. Get started by requesting space now.

For common questions in regards to EMS, campus event policies or anything else please contact us.

As reservation requests are approved, submitters will be notified. While we do our best to accommodate requests, other events or space-maintenance needs might prevent us from accommodating all of them. However, we will always work with you to try and find a solution. Learn more about our reservation process on our request a space section of our site.