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To get started please visit our online reservation system EMS. For questions please visit Contact Us.

Getting Started

  • Sign into EMS with your Mizzou login or Single Sign On credentials.
    • If it is your first time logging in or you have not logged in within the past two months, your account will reactivate on your initial log in attempt.
    • Please log in a second time to access the reservation request homepage.
    • If you still experience log-in issues, please reference the help video on our FAQ page “Why am I unable to log in to EMS?”
  • Select the template which fits the reservation you are trying to schedule; i.e., Large Meeting/Event, Meeting Room/Auditorium, Outdoor Space, etc.
  • Enter the date and time of your event. If you are making reservations for multiple dates, press the Recurrence Key, then select your dates (or if the times vary, you can add additional dates/locations after selecting your first date’s room(s)  by changing the date/times accordingly).
  • Select the location, set-up preference if desired, and number of people attending.
  • Select the Search button.
  • Once the rooms and selected time appear, click on the “+” sign next to the name of the room you would like to select.
  • A pop-up window will ask the number of attendees and setup type. Enter the information, then select Add Room. Continue this process until you’ve added all desired rooms to your request.
  • If you are finished adding rooms, select Next Step.
  • If applicable, choose equipment or services that you will need added to your reservation, then select Next Step.
  • Add your event name, event type and group details. A “group” is the student organization or department you belong to.
  • Answer the required questions, accept the “terms & conditions” and select Create Reservation.

Please Note:

For student organizations, the president, vice president or treasurer may book reservations for their group.  If your student organization is not up-to-date or you are having problems booking a reservation for your organization, please contact the Organization Resource Group at 573-882-2630.

If you are faculty or staff from a department on campus and are not authorized to currently place reservations on your department’s behalf, please have a supervisor from your office contact us at or 573-884-8793.

For business, organizations or individuals not affiliated with Mizzou, please contact us directly so we can assist you.