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Our team is here to assist you as you find the right space for your event on the Mizzou campus. Meet our staff, below, or reach our central reservation office:

Address: Memorial Union S4

Phone: (573) 884-8793


Photo of Kate Fleming

Kate Fleming

Associate Director

Phone: (573) 882-2817

Reservations Team

Photo of Suzy Hempel

Suzy Hempel

Reservations Manager

Phone: (573) 884-8818

Photo of Samantha Cohen

Sam Cohen

Event Coordinator

Phone: (573) 882-0960

Event Operations Team

Photo of John Cattanach

John Cattanach

Event Operations Manager

Phone: (573) 882-5998

Photo of Tamara Maddox

Tamara Maddox

Event Operations Coordinator

Phone: (573) 882-8935

Gerritt Murphy

Event Operations Coordinator

Phone: (573) 882-5998

Photo of Evan Gentzler

Evan Gentzler

Event Operations Coordinator

Phone: (573) 882-5631

Zack Garrett

Audio/Visual Specialist

Phone: (573) 882-5998

Project Management

Photo of Kari Wilborn

Kari Wilborn

Event Management System (EMS) Project Coordinator

Photo: (573) 882-2736