University Policies

We want you to have the most successful event possible here at the University of Missouri.  We ask that all students, staff, faculty and patrons follow the policies and procedures for the areas they reserve on our campus. Below is a list of the most common policies, however it is important to note that all reservations and events need to adhere to the complete list of campus policies. Some policies require forms to be completed and approved by the University.

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All on-campus fundraising by Student Organizations must be approved by the ORG office. An officer from this organization should submit the Event Planning Form no less than three weeks before prior the date of the fundraiser.

The following items should be avoided, as they will likely cause the fundraiser to be denied:

  • Selling something already available on campus
  • Selling bottled or prepackaged beverages—homemade drinks like lemonade or hot chocolate are acceptable
  • Raffles, bingo, or gambling
  • Activities that are dangerous or don’t represent the values of your group or the university

Additional information on fundraising policies can be found in the Guidelines for Recognized Student Organizations. If you have any other questions, please contact the ORG Office.

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To request alcohol at your event.

Request open flames at your event.

Request open burn at your event.

Request fireworks at your event.

Learn more about illuminated devices on campus. 

Learn more about chalking on campus.

Learn more about taking photos or videos on campus.

Learn more about drone usage on campus. Request to operate a drone on campus.

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Building Specific Policies

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