Missouri Theatre and Jesse Auditorium Policies

Please make sure all participants are aware of these rules and regulations.  We are here to help make your event a success, so do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns.

1. Events held by student organizations must have a representative of that organization available throughout the event to address safety, seating and attendance concerns.

2. We reserve the right to eject any audience member at any time during the event for disruptive or destructive behavior including damages incurred to university property and perceived abuse of our staff or other patrons.

3. Any event can be stopped and canceled at any time if our rules are being ignored or if university property is damaged. We will not refund ticketing fees, rental charges and any associated costs in the event of such a cancellation.

4. Consumption of drugs and/or alcohol during student events is strictly prohibited. Intoxicated audience members or performers will be asked to leave. We will report intoxicated students to related student organizations and relevant authorities. We will stop and cancel any event perceived to encourage or tolerate the intoxication of students; any associated student organizations may be banned from our buildings. 

5. We do not allow outside food or drink within the seating area. Audience members must discard these items or consume them before entering. Only items purchased from university concessions or catered with permission are allowed within the seating area. The only exception to this rule is bottled water. No gum allowed in the house or backstage.

6. Smoking, including the use of vaporizers and e-cigarettes, is prohibited. The use of smokeless tobacco also is prohibited.

7. We do not allow weapons in Jesse Auditorium and the Missouri Theatre regardless of licensing or permits. These include all firearms, large knives or blades, stun guns and any other potentially dangerous item.

8. Helium balloons are strictly prohibited unless there is prior approval from the FOH Coordinator. Any approved helium balloons must be attached to a weighted object. Any loose helium balloon that floats to the top of either auditorium will incur additional facilities charges for removal.

9. Wet paint and glitter are not allowed on signs, posters or bodies. Additional cleaning charges will apply if we find these items in the seating area during or after events.

10. Lost and Found items are held for 30 days before being turned over to MUPD or donated to local charitable organizations. Our staff is not responsible for valuables.

11. We do not allow pets within the seating area with the exception of service animals.

12. The FOH coordinator must approve the use of equipment such as PA systems, portable lighting rigs, cash registers and photography stations in our lobbies in advance. We reserve the right to reject the use of any equipment that compromises safety or university policy. This also applies to the use of any outside security measures, including the use of metal detectors.

13. The FOH coordinator must approve all receptions, signings, meetings, dinners, merchandise sales and “meet and greets” taking place within our buildings in advance. Additional fees may apply for the setup and execution of such events.

14. Jesse Auditorium and Missouri Theatre have no designated parking. Loading/unloading is allowed in the northeast parking lot for Jesse Auditorium, and in the loading zone in front of the Missouri Theatre Box Office. Parking of trucks or trailers may be allowed with special requests arranged in advance. Ask Josh Reid or Chris Cullen for more information.



Performance area: 

The stage is an extremely dangerous area and the security and safety of said area lies within the jurisdiction of Jesse Auditorium, Missouri Theatre and its staff. Access to the stage and/or dressing rooms will be limited to those performers and crew directly connected to the event. Any other members of the presenting organization’s staff who will need access to the stage and dressing rooms will be limited and allowed on stage at the sole discretion of the Technical Director. These persons may be asked to leave the stage area at any time.

The theater staff expects you to be professional, safe and respectful in your use of its space and equipment. Please remember you are in a professional venue and act accordingly.

No one may operate any equipment except Jesse Crew. Please do not touch any lights, curtains or switches unless instructed to by a staff member. Any damage to microphones or other equipment will be billed to the event.

Do not walk through the center of any curtains. If you need to get on or off the stage, use the exit doors at either side of the stage.  Do not use the stairs that lead directly onto the stage. Use the doors on either side of the stage, called “pass doors.”

No materials or banners may be hung over the balcony railing or placed on the balcony rail unless approved by the Technical Director.


For your safety:

1. No combustible devices are allowed at any time. This includes flash paper, flash pots, cherry bombs, propane, cigarette lighters, candles, guns, cap guns or any device that produces an open flame. If any of these items are crucial at an event, appropriate paperwork must be filed. This process takes a minimum of one week.

2. No water, food or drink will be allowed onstage, with the exception of bottled drinking water. Food and drink pose a major electrocution hazard as well as a slip hazard.

3. No glass or breakable plastics. Please use common sense when selecting your props and avoid items that might break easily. Remember that many dancers will be in bare feet and may be rolling on the stage; shattered materials will be very harmful.

4. Absolutely no hay, sand, confetti, helium balloons, powder, aerosol cans or GLITTER on stage or in house. Any additional maintenance required post event will be added to the final bill.

5. Do not hang, pull or lean on the curtains or Cyc. Moving the curtains is very noticeable and potentially dangerous. The Cyc is the large white cloth that is hanging up stage. It costs thousands of dollars, and any damage done to it will be charged accordingly.

6. No unassisted acrobatics. There will be no unassisted tosses, flips, etc. Any gymnastics must have at least one part of the body touching the ground at all times. Any tosses, lifts or flips must have a spotter at all times; someone with a stable grip on the individual in the case of a mistake. If a portion of your performance contains stunts or content not approved during rehearsal, the performance may be paused or ended per decision by the technical supervisor. Exceptions will be made for acrobatics performed by professionally trained individuals.

7. Roller skates, bicycles, etc. should be used with caution due to the cables and people in the wings. However, please ask first if you are planning to use these.

8. Any objects intended to be thrown, bounced, etc. on stage need to be approved by the Technical Director.  Any prop weapons such as swords, poles, canes, etc. must be approved by the Technical Director. If these props break, they could send shards of wood into the audience and backstage at high speeds.

9. Please use common sense in selecting your props, set pieces and effects. The theater crew reserves the right to not allow any prop, stage piece or effect onstage if they consider it to be dangerous.  Nails and screws that protrude beyond wooden scenery are very dangerous. Make sure and use the appropriate sized nail/screw.

10. Do plan for traffic flow! Actors and dancers cannot exit through flats and props. Please keep a clear path for each to move on and off the stage. The backstage area is very limited. The more props and people you have, the more limited it becomes.

11. No animals are permitted without prior approval, with the exception of service animals.

12. No body paint is permitted below the neck. This is to ensure the continued cleanliness of our expensive curtains and soft goods. Face paint and temporary hair dye are permitted, however hair must be put up or styled above the shoulders.

13. Anyone deemed to be under the influence or intoxicated will be removed from the building, and the appropriate advisors will be notified. This is to ensure the safety of both performers and Stage Crew.


Thank you for your cooperation in these matters.


Reservation Policies:

1. Events at Jesse Auditorium and Missouri Theatre are approved up to one year in advance. We encourage you to request these spaces as far in advance as possible in order to have the best chance of receiving the date you request. Visit https://reservations.missouri.edu/  to request space on campus.

2. The following information is necessary to request a date at either theater:

a. Name of event

b. Organization name and billing contact name, email, phone

c. Event contact name, email, phone

d. Date of event

e. Access time

f. Event start and run time

g. Description of event

h. Estimated attendance

i. Lobby/Reception information

3. Once an event has been requested, it is sent to the venue team for approval.

4. Events must be requested at least 8 weeks in advance.

5. Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel your event, you must do so at least 36 hours prior to your access time. If canceled less than 36 hours in advance, you will receive an invoice for two-hour minimum charges applied to all staff who were scheduled. This policy applies to all events in both Jesse Auditorium and Missouri Theatre, including rain sites.


Contact information:

Reservation requests: https://reservations.missouri.edu/

Technical Director: Chris Cullen, cullenc@missouri.edu 573-882-3509

Front of House Coordinator: Josh Reid, reidjs@missouri.edu  573-882-3061

University Concert Series Manager: Robert Wells, wellsjr@missouri.edu 573-882-3477


Security, Backstage Labor, and Front of House Labor are all scheduled based on estimated attendance and technical requirements. Overtime rates apply at time and a half after 8 hours. All labor and equipment costs associated with your event will be reflected on your final invoice. Rates and policies are subject to change July 1, of each calendar year*