Large PA System

Best for parties and events with 300-1000 people.

Large PA

Large PA System ($300)

The Large PA System is best for parties and events with 300-1000 people.

This system includes four JBL VRX speakers, a Midas or Behringer sound console, two wireless microphones with microphone stands, appropriate amplifiers, and hookup for your iPod or computer. Two additional wireless microphones can be added for $20 each.

You can add a monitor for small bands for an additional $25 each.

You can add 4 subwoofers for more bass to the Large PA System for an additional $200.










Large PA shown with optional subwoofers ($500).


Large Band PA

Large PA shown with standard large band setup with 5 monitors and 4 subwoofers ($625).

For outdoor events, a reserved rain site is required to rent this equipment.

Suggested venues for this system are: Stankowski Field, Large outdoor and indoor areas involving medium to large bands.

Rental Cost: $300.00