MizzouRec Event Policies


Due to high demand for space reservation, groups who fail to cancel their reserved space(s) or do not show up will be charged a cancellation fee in addition to the Event Service Fee. All groups have a minimum of 48 hours prior to a scheduled event reservation to cancel; otherwise fees will be assessed based on the estimate received in the reservation confirmation. All cancellation fees for spaces may be up to 50% of original rented space cost. Users are not allowed to use the reserved space for functions other than originally reserved and confirmed. Failure to pay cancellation fees will result in denial of all future events until paid. MizzouRec reserves the right to change and/or cancel a reservation or alter the use of other assigned space with the understanding that, at all times, every effort is made to provide comparable facilities.

Property Damage

All groups using MizzouRec facilities are responsible for any and all damages in their reserved area(s). MizzouRec reserves the right to bill any organization, department, or outside group for damages or losses resulting from the use or misuse of the facilities or equipment. No property of MizzouRec may be removed from the facilities. MizzouRec also does not assume responsibility for damage to or loss of any materials or equipment left in the building or in storage.

Safety & Conduct

It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization/department of an event hosted within MizzouRec facilities to abide by the following, including behavior of event attendees:

  • Providing for the safety of persons attending through controlling the behavior of participants and traffic flow within their event.
    • MizzouRec has staff available for assistance with traffic control. The sponsoring group will be responsible for the cost of this staffing. The number of staff will be determined in advance and the number of staff is at the discretion the MizzouRec Event Coordinator.
  • Limiting attendance to be within fire and safety codes.
    • Attendance at all events is limited to the number of fixed seats in the rooms or established capacities of spaces as dictated by fire and safety codes posted in each space.
    • Exits must open readily and be accessible at all times, in the spaces and in adjacent hallways. During the period of use, no required exit door may be fastened so that the door cannot be opened readily from the inside by use of ordinary doorknob or by pressure on the crash bar. Exit ways serving the room must be adequately lighted during all times that the room is occupied.
  • All materials used for decorations must be fire retardant or flame proof in accordance with University regulations. The use of candles may be permitted with prior approval and appropriate permits. It is not permissible to carry lighted candles.
  • Returning the spaces back to their original condition.
  • Any person who engages in misconduct in any MizzouRec facility may be requested to leave the premises. In the event any person(s) engaged in misconduct refuses to leave the premises, MUPD assistance will be requested.
    • Misconduct shall be defined as behavior which in any way defaces or damages the premises, obstructs or interferes with the intended use of premises, and has attire that does not cover specific body areas (i.e. no shirt or shoes in required spaces) or violates University policy. Federal and state law, city ordinances, and University policies apply.
  • Alcohol is not permitted on any MizzouRec Facilities. Anyone who appears to have consumed alcohol will be asked to leave the facilities. In the event any person(s) refuses to leave the premises, MUPD assistance will be requested.
  • Use of MizzouRec facilities is limited to students, members, and event guests within reserved spaces. Visitors must have official business in the building or be accompanied by a MizzouRec staff member via official tour. Persons not affiliated with the University of Missouri as defined previously will be asked to leave by MizzouRec staff or, if necessary, by MUPD.

*University of Missouri shall not be held responsible nor will assume responsibility for injury to individual person(s) or items lost, stolen or damaged in MizzouRec facilities. MizzouRec staff will assist in First Aid and provide the appropriate care to the person(s) involved, including contact of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Weather Considerations – Outdoor Events

It is in the best interest, and the responsibility of the event group, to make a rain-site reservation. Rain-sites should be prepared in advance, either with MizzouRec or elsewhere on campus. When planning events, MizzouRec will attempt to also be able to provide alternative indoor accommodations. However, MizzouRec does not guarantee alternative indoor accommodations.


*For other rental guidelines, please visit MizzouRec’s website.