Staging Options

Can be used indoors and outdoors, with variable height options

15-deck stage, 24' x 20'

Our professional 8’ x 4’ StageRight staging decks can be used in multiple configurations to accommodate almost any request!

Rental Cost: $20.00 Per Stage Deck

Frequently requested sizes:

3-deck stage, 12' x 8'
3-deck stage, 12′ x 8′
5 deck stage, 20' x 8'
5 deck stage, 20′ x 8′
6-deck stage, 16' x 12'
6-deck stage, 16′ x 12′
15-deck stage, 24' x 20'
15-deck stage, 24′ x 20′

Stage Height

For events located outdoors, stages will be a minimum of 34” tall. Please note that we do not allow our staging to remain outdoors in inclement weather, so please plan on using a rain site if applicable.

For events located indoors, there is also a 16” option.

The indoor 16” option on left and the outdoor/indoor 34” option on right

Indoor 16" stage and indoor/outddor 34" stage

Stage Surface

For events located outdoors, the staging surface is black laminate. Please note that this surface may become very warm after long exposure to sunlight, which is important to consider when performances include barefoot participants.

For events located indoors, the decks can be reversed to utilize a gray carpeted surface, if desired.

Carpeted surface and black laminate surface

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